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Guangzhou Musiben Acoustical Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in production of various kinds of acoustical decorative materials located in Guangzhou, the company has an advance plant of 30,000 sq.m and over 10,000 sq.m work shop and office, including Wood Fiber Acoustic Panel factory and several workshops such as Wooden Acoustic Panel workshop and Fiberglass Acoustic Panel workshop. As the biggest factory in the line of acoustical material, we have built up are insisting on executing ISO9001:2000 quality control system, and be awarded a hornor “Highest Credit Standing Enterprise of Guangzhou”.

Guangzhou Musiben Acoustical Material Co., Ltd. has been concentrating on develping, producing, selling of acoustical materials, and we have many years of large scale project service experience. Our main products are Musiben brand Groove Wooden Acoustic Panel, Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel, Rectangle Hole Acoustic Panel, Diffusing Acoustic Panel, Fiberglass Acoustic Panel, Wood Fiber Acoustic Panel and Wooden Diffuser.
The company has invested a huge amount imporing the equipments producing Wood Fiber Acoustic Panel, which fill the empty of Chinese wood fiber acoustic panel, now we could produce above of 200000 square meters of Wood Fiber Acoustic Panel. We also have advanced facilities producing Wooden Acoustic Panel and other acoustical materials, the productivity is more than 400000m² as the biggest one in this line. Our Solid Wave Panel and Carved decorative Panel are processed with advanced CNC router that ensure quality and production capability. The company is insisting on executing ISO9001:2000 quality control system, every piece of product has been strictly inspected to ensure it reached safe standard and high quality level.

Musiben brand acoustical materials have won highly reputation from our customers in domestic market and overseas market including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, MiddleEast and Africa, since our high quality, excellent before-sales and after-sales service, powerful distribution network. Wuyang Yiguan brand has been formed as famous brand in the line of acoustical materials.

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